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BSMS Paedsoc's Fun Team exists in collaboration with the Play Team at the Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital in Brighton. The play team consists of Hospital Play Specialists who help children have a more postivive experience in hospital.

Facilitated play in hospital can significantly improve a child's experience in hospital, in addition to improving health outcomes. Play can be used as a tool to obtain informed consent from children, to encourage children to trust hospital staff, and simply to provide a distraction from illness.

PaedSoc's collaboration with the Hospital Play Team aims to give BSMS students in the earlier years of the course some exposure to clinical paediatrics, before clinical attachments in paediatrics begin during the fourth year. It will involve working alongside the Hospital Play Team on a regular basis.

If you are eligible and would like to be involved with the Fun Team, please fill out the form below. Please note that joining our Fun Team should be seen as a long-term commitment, and that attendance to Fun Team visits and training sessions will be mandatory.

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