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We are now accepting poster competition submissions for the 2023 NSP Conference

To submit your abstract, please email:

Deadline: 6th May 2023


As part of the NSPC, the annual poster competition aims to ‘Showcase Undergraduate Paediatric Research’. All delegates are invited to submit a poster on a paediatric-related topic. This may include research in paediatric medicine or surgery, case studies, elective, novel research or SSCs. Submissions relating to general child health and obstetrics will also be accepted. This is a great opportunity for anyone doing a child health related IRP to showcase their work.


We require all posters to have an element of a literature review. Each poster's primary author must attend the NSPC, but other authors may be acknowledged. Please ensure that you have permission from all authors before submission.


Poster Details


Posters will be presented on a Projector screen in a seminar room at the conference. There is no need to print off your posters as they will all be presented digitally. There are no restrictions on font size or design layout, as long as the poster is legible. Posters must include references, in the form of Vancouver or Harvard.

Please ensure that you have bought your NSPC ticket before submitting an abstract.


We will confirm by email that we have received your submission. The topic of the poster cannot be changed once the deadline has been reached.


The abstract submission should include:

•    The title of the poster
•    Author and contact email address
•    Medical School
•    An abstract, no longer than 300 words.


At the conference, posters will be displayed all day. A judging panel will view the posters and abstract submissions. Authors will then be selected to present their posters in front of the judging panel in the afternoon. All finalists will be issued with a certificate to acknowledge their achievement. The winning poster will be shared on the BSMS website, social media channels and the BSMS student newsletter, the winner will also receive a goody bag from the BSMS Paediatric Society.


Please feel free to contact us at should you have any further queries.

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