Farazi Virk - President

Hello, I’m Farazi and I am really looking forward to working with our amazing committee in my role as President of PaedSoc this year. This is my 3rd year on the committee and since starting BSMS I have always been greatly involved in all things PaedSoc so I am excited to share my ideas to continue to drive the success of the society for another year. I have many ideas planned for this upcoming year including our hugely anticipated conference, fundraising and teaching sessions for all students interested in this broad and dynamic specialty. There are a range of events that you can get involved with and I hope to meet many of you taking part in all we have to offer! I am excited to make it the best and most successful year yet so make sure to join in the fun!


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Bradley Stewart - Vice-President

Hello, my name is Bradley and I am really excited to work with this great committee over the next year. Under Farazi's leadership, we will be organising events to fundraise for our chosen charities, as well as our annual National Conference for Paediatrics. I have thoroughly enjoyed all Paeds events in the past, whether it be the Conference itself, bake sales or Teddy Bear Hospital visits - the presence the society has is widespread and I am thrilled to be a part of it once more. I hope to see many of you at our events throughout the year. 


You can contact me via:

Alicia Paessler - Events Co-ordinator

Hi, I'm Alicia and I am this years Events Rep for PaedSoc! My roles will involve helping out with our events during the year including the organisation of our hugely anticipated and incredible national conference and ball. I am excited to make it the best year yet!


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Tom Copeland - Treasurer

Hi, I'm Tom and I'll be your Paedsoc Treasurer this year!! That means that I'm the one who'll be sorting out all the finances to make sure that we can deliver more events to a higher standard and to make the Paedsoc ball the best it's ever been!!


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Polly Scott- Webmaster

Hi, I'm Polly and I am this years webmaster. This means I will be in charge of updating our social media pages about upcoming events. I will also manage this website and provide IT support for the NSPC. 


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Mohamed Yusuf- Secretary

Hey there! I'm the Paedsoc  secretary for the year, which means I'll be the one to sort out all the admin. I'll also be your point of contact for raising any issues you want us to discuss in our meetings.


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Layla Beckett- Teddy Bear Hospital Rep

Hi I’m Layla and I’m this years teddy bear hospital rep! I’ll be organising visits to primary schools to fix up some poorly teddies and teach the kids a little bit about what doctors do. Other than being really fun for us, this helps to combat white coat syndrome so little ones are less scared of going to the doctors in future. If you want to work on your child communication skills or just an excuse to play with toys come along on one of our visits and get involved!


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Izzy Templeton - Advisor

Hi, I'm Izzy and I am the committee advisor for this years Paediatric Society. As Vice President of the committee last year, I helped to organise the conference and ball, and other events run by the paediatric society. This year, I am on the committee to offer advice if needed and help with the conference and ball


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Robyn Creeden - Intercalation Rep

Hello!  My name is Robyn and I am the intercalation rep for BSMS Paed Soc this year!  I am excited to be intercalating in Public Health at the University of Southampton while continuing to involve BSMS students who are off studying all over the country in our activities and events.

You can contact me via

 Alex Taylor - Year 4 Rep

Hello, I’m Alex the 4th year rep for paediatrics this year. It’s my second year on the committee and I’m looking forward to one as successful as the last. I’ll be keeping the rest of my year engaged with paediatrics (especially as we have a rotation with it!) and getting as many people as we can down for the conference and ball which is a massive highlight of spending time on the committee.


Any questions? Get in touch at

Amina Bahri - Year 3 Rep

Hi I'm Amina! I'm third year rep which means I'm responsible for making sure year 3 get all the updates on what paedsoc is getting up to this year! I'll also be involved with organising our exciting annual conference and ball.


You can contact me at

Philipp Tobias - Year 2 Rep

I’m Philipp and I’m a second year medic. I’ve had a special interest in paediatrics for a couple of years now as I usually work in a paediatric intensive care ward during my holidays which I always greatly enjoy. As part of paediatric society, my role as the second year rep will be to inform my year group about any upcoming events as well as helping to organise the National Paediatric Conference.


You can contact me at

Katie Bal - Year 1 Rep

Hi, I’m Katie! I’m first year rep for paedsoc this year. I’m particularly interested in paediatrics and am exited to get involved in events this year, including the National Paediatric Conference and Ball. I will also be making sure year 1 are up to date on all things paedsoc. 


You can contact me at

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