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Layla committee photo.JPG

Layla Beckett - President

I've been on paedsoc in many different roles before and I'm super excited to be president and make it my own! I have a lot of new ideas I want to put into action and I have a feeling this will be the best year ever!


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Laurie committee photo.JPG

Laurie Smith- Vice-President

I am looking forward to helping organise the awesome events paedsoc put on each year.

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Carina committee photo.JPG

Carina Cox - Events Co-ordinator

I am looking forward to being on the committee this year so we can put on a great conference!

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Amy committee photo.jpg

Amy Barden - Events Co-ordinator

I loved being on the committee past year and can't wait to work with Carina to bring you the best events this year including the conference and ball!

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Chrissy committee photo.JPG

Chrissy Taaffe - Treasurer

I can't wait to be on the committee this year! I have always admired all of the work paedsoc do and can't wait to get involved with it all.

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Mithuni committee photo.jpg

Mithuni Kumaradharmasena - Secretary

I'm looking forward to helping out with events and getting to know others on the committee!

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Rajvir committee photo.JPG

Rajvir Sran -  Teddy Bear Hospital Rep

I look forward to being on the committee this year to get more students involved with the Teddy Bear Hospital than ever before!

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Jess committee photo.jpg

Jess Falshaw - Webmaster

I am so excited to be part of the committee again this year in a new role that allows me to be creative! I can't wait to help organise some amazing events and get more people interested in the specialty :)

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Louis committee photo.jpg

Louis Dowland - Charities Rep

I really enjoyed being on the committee last year and can't wait to help run some great events and earn money for our amazing charities!

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Peggie committee photo.JPG

Peggie Bassey - Year 5 Rep

I can't wait to be on the committee this year as I get the opportunity to work with fellow students who are just as passionate about children's health and well-being as me.

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Suzi committee photo.JPG

Suzi Tugnait - Year 4 Rep

I look forward to being on the committee this year so I can help get as many people involved in the exciting activities and events hosted by paedsoc this year.

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Eloise committee photo.jpg

Eloise Freeman - Intercalation Rep

It's my first time ever on the committee and studying paediatrics away in London, very excited to get involved!

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Varoune committee photo.JPG

Varoune Shanmuganathan - Year 3 Rep

I can't wait to be starting on the committee this year! I'm hoping it will let me explore paediatrics further and allow me to get my fellow medics interested in it as well!

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Nawal committee photo.jpg

Nawal Rashid - Year 2 Rep

I look forward to being part of the committee this year and getting involved in organising fun and insightful events and exploring my interests in the speciality :)

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emma - committee photo.JPG

Emma Stewart - Year 1 Rep

I am so excited to be part of the PaedSoc team and cannot wait to get stuck in with organising events for a cause I am hugely passionate about!

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Alicia committee photo.JPG

Alicia Paessler - Committee Advisor

I am so looking forward to being on the committee again this year as it is my last chance to do so and it has always been so fun to organise, fundraise and run events for the best specialty ever!

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Lexi committee photo.JPG

Lexi Mex - PaedSoc Mascot

Woof, I’m Lexi and I’m this year’s PaedSoc Mascot! My mum signed me up for this so not sure why I'm here but I hope treats are involved!

You can contact me via my Instagram

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