Izzy Templeton - President

Hi, I’m Izzy and I’m very excited to be President of PaedSoc this year and cannot wait to start working with our fabulous committee. This year will be my third role with this amazing, and I am very excited to continue the work and have another successful year. I have many aims I would love to achieve this year, including continuing the success of the National Student Paediatric Conference (as long as this is permitted with the current restrictions, with plans to change it to a series of talks if it’s not possible), run evening events, and continue to fundraise for our amazing children’s charities. There are a variety of other opportunities to get involved, including Teddy Bear Hospital and fundraising events, and I hope to see you there! If you have any questions about our society this year, or want to find out more, then please do send me a message.


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Layla Beckett - Vice-President

Hi, I’m Layla and I’m VP this year! I’m super excited to work with Alice and Izzy on our 10th annual NSPC and ball and hopefully make it our best one yet! I’m also looking forward to organising lots of new fundraiser ideas for our fab charities and adapting our events to be more covid safe but just as fun. And obviously my most important contribution to this committee is Lexi our new mascot!

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Alice Miller - Events Co-ordinator

Hello, my name is Alice and I’m the events rep for this year’s committee! My role primarily involves helping to organise this year’s major events, such as the annual conference and ball. I have attended, and loved, the past 4 NSPCs, and am passionate about making this year’s events as brilliant as all the ones that have gone before. If anyone has any suggestions regarding events, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

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Philipp Tobias - Treasurer

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Robyn Creeden - Secretary

Hi 👋, I am Robyn, this year's Paed Soc Secretary 📝.  I am responsible for ensuring accurate minutes are kept for meetings and all society admin is up to date.  I am looking forward to helping organise lots of events for Paed Soc for another active year!

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Louis Hickling - Teddy Bear Hospital Rep

Hi I’m Louis, I’m your Teddy bear hospital representitive which basically means I get to have fun teaching children about medicine and healthy living. Not only this but I am responsible for teaching children not to be scared of doctors and making sure they know they’re here to help. I love Paeds because it will allow me to not only heal but also be surrounded by the most creative, most excitable and most genuine little people and everyone that cares about them.

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Bradley Stewart - Webmaster

Hi, I’m Bradley and I’m this year’s webmaster, master of all things web, essentially PaedSoc's answer to Peter Parker! Some say I am just the old Vice President who cannot let go of the society, whilst others think I have a real desire to make the website/social media a better place...either way, I'm here to be hands on with all the technical support the society needs to deliver our amazing events.


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Farazi Virk - Committee Advisor

Hi everyone, ’m Farazi! I’ve been part of the Paediatric Society for the past 3 years since starting BSMS and was last years President. I managed and led my committee in delivering our biggest National Student Paediatric Conference yet followed by our much anticipated charity ball. The year was a great success and this year my role is to advise the new committee on anything paedsoc related to ensure this year is another huge success!


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Alicia Paessler - Committee Advisor

Hi, I’m Alicia and I’m this year’s committee advisor! Last year I was the events co-ordinator and was responsible for organising the biggest conference and ball yet. I will be using this experience to advise this year’s committee if needed and help organise this year’s events.


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Polly Scott - Intercalation Rep

Hi I’m Polly and I’m the intercalation rep! I will be making sure that all intercalating students are up to date with any events and fundraisers organised by PaedSoc! I am really looking forward to being on the committee again and hope to get as many intercalators involved as possible!

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Annabel Lines - Year 4 Rep

Hey, my names Annabel and I’m your paedsoc 4th year rep! My role in the committee primarily involves the distribution of paedsoc information to my fellow 4th years. If you have any suggestions or queries regarding paedsoc events or possible teaching opportunities please drop me a message and I can pass it on to the rest of the committee :) I look forward to being part of such a great team and want to get everyone as involved as possible! 

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Morgan Brock - Year 3 Rep

Hi!!! I’m Morgan and I’m the  paedsoc 3rd year rep! Paedsoc is great because we create so many fun opportunities for everyone to get involved with! My job is to make sure the 3rd years know what we’re up to  and hopefully push their involvement with the society!


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Katie Bal - Year 2 Rep

Hi, I’m Katie and I am this year’s second year rep! This is my second year on the Paedsoc committee, and I am proud to represent such an amazing society again. My role will involve ensuring that second year students are aware of and included in all of our events and fundraisers, as well as helping out with our annual National Student Paediatric Conference and Ball. Looking forward to all of the great things to come this year!

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Laurie Smith - Year 1 Rep

Hi I'm Laurie and I'm so excited to be one of two Paedsoc first year reps! I can't wait to represent Paedsoc in their amazing fundraising and am looking forward to all the amazing opportunities that Paedsoc brings. I've always loved working with children, they're way cooler than adults! I can't wait to input this enthusiasm into this fantastic society.

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Marcy Lea - Year 1 Rep

I’m Marcy Lea. I have always been really excited at the prospect of working with children, and feel like pead soc will help me to explore the field in more of an in depth way at the beginning of my medical school journey. I look forward to working with the more experienced members of the committee to inspire other first years to get involved with pediatrics!

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Lexi - PaedSoc Mascot

Woof, I’m Lexi and I’m this year’s PaedSoc Mascot! I've never been on this committee before but I am excited to get involved and be the best doggo this society has ever had.

You can contact me via my Instagram