Our charities

Every year, PaedSoc selects local charities involved in child health and aims to raise as much money for them as we can. We raise money by holding bake sales, selling tickets to social events, and organising raffles at balls. Have a look at what they do below, and click on the images for links to their websites to find out more information.


Launched in 1997, Amaze is a charity supporting the families of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities. They are a parent-led organisation, working across Sussex and providing support, information and advice to parent carers, children and young people with disabilities. Their work includes running support groups, activities and workshops. The charity also guides parents through the often challenging application process for disability living allowance and education and health care plans.


Make A Smile is an international charity, with a project based at Sussex and Brighton universities. They aim to help children with disabilities and hardships create happy, lasting memories, ensuring they have a childhood they deserve. Volunteers dress up as children's beloved characters such as princesses and superheroes, interacting with them through play. Events are held across Sussex in partnership with other local charities and organisations. There are also training sessions for volunteers, teaching skills such as BSL and Makaton to ensure no child is excluded, and awareness talks on childhood disabilities to raise awareness. The main aim for the project is to be fun for all volunteers and children!


Whoopsadaisy is a charity based in Preston Park, supporting children with disabilities, and their families, from Brighton & Hove, and the surrounding area. Their founder, Nina Holland, discovered the power of conductive education when her son Christopher was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She set up Whoopsadaisy to share this life-changing method with other children and their families, and have since been providing conductive education to children with disabilities for over a decade.